From the forest to you,

with love.

Wild Spirit Healing

We are creating a living sanctuary for the human soul. Remembering and Rebirthing the qualities and essence of health and wholeness in our daily lifeways, moonly ceremonies, and yearly lifecycles. A place of sanctuary and healing is our highest goal and acheivement. We are not a machine-dependant organic production farm, but instead we are a beyond organic, increasingly self-suffiecient, eco-educational, heart centered blessing to the world! We started in our first year with a big and ambitious garden, and last year graduated to small human-powered farm status, by taking on animal husbandry, raising 60+ ducks and 7 top-bar chemical-free beehives. Our biggest crops are sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, ginger and turmeric. More and more, we have enough for ourselves and more to share. Our currently offered farm products are all beyond organic and chemical free: Apple cider vinegar, fresh baby ginger, heirloom seeds, wildcrafted herbal medicine and mushroom extracts & handmade top-bar beehives.

We love you so and are so grateful to be given this chance to bring the earth back to its state of flowering paradise once again!

our promise to you:

Our Metta is always

hand-collected from pristine forests

sustainably wildcrafted, beyond organic,

& gluten free.

Our Mushroom extracts are some of the most potent medicine on earth!

~Always Beyond Organic, Sustainably Wildcrafted & Home Grown~ Gluten Free and Made with Love!

From our Hearts to yours

Wild-crafted mushroom extracts

For your vibrant health & wellness