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with love.

Wild Spirit Healing

Top Bar Bee Hives for Honeybees ~ $350 ~
Precisely Built, Beautiful & Functional Construction

Hey There Dear Community,

Wild Spirit Farm and Friends are offering custom made Top Bar Hives, just in time for spring. If you're looking for a more natural way to raise bees without frame & foundation, to do it the way natural bees do, then you need a Top Bar Hive, and we will build one for you. In fact we already have some done and ready to go.

To keep bees the Organic, no-chemical way, it is critical to avoid the toxic pesticide build-up in the wax foundations of Langstroth Hives. This method also is for beekeepers who do not want to impose a man-made frame and for those who would like to have their bees benefit from more immune-health and hygienic-behavior by drawing their own comb by their own pattern! This is important to bee health and survival in these trying times. It is also critical to plant medicinal flowers for your bees! Which we also offer as starts and seed from our farm!

We are also offering SUSTAINABLE BEEKEEPING for HIRE as well as CONSULTING and GUIDANCE for your homestead, sanctuary, garden or farm
many blessings of spring!

~Wild Spirit Farm