Wild Spirit Healing

Our online store is coming.... soon! :)

For now, if you are interested in our tinctures, consulting, bee-keeping, body-butters or anything else! We would love to hear from you at wildspirithealing@gmail.com

Our freshest batch of MUSHROOM METTA Body Butters / Healing Salve is set to greet and meet and be sweet to your skin. $40 / 4 oz. Probably a years supply for hands and face, or a month or two if your a massage enthusiast... This stuff is high quality beyond organic wildcrafted homegrown luxury, with BEESWAX from our first year of beekeeping!!

INgredients: Shea, Cacao, Coconut, Kokum butters,

Sesame oil, our OG bees wax
including extracts of Chaga, Vanilla, Pine, Ginger,

Turmeric, Calendula
and infused with Sweet Annie, Clary Sage & Willow

limited supply.

From the forest to you,

with love.